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The International Conferences on the Capability Approach:

See also the Capability Approach Website

The 1st Conference on the Capability Approach:
Justice and Poverty: Examining Sen's Capability Approach
5-7 June 2001, University of Cambridge, UK

The 2nd Conference on the Capability Approach:
Promoting Women's Capabilities: Examining Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach
9-10 September 2002, University of of Cambridge, UK

The 3rd Conference on the Capability Approach:
From Sustainable Development to Sustainable Freedom
7-9 September 2003, University of Pavia, Italy

The 4th Conference on the Capability Approach:
Enhancing Human Security
5-7 September 2004, University of Pavia, Italy

Last update: 6 may 2004

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